The basis of the cooperation is an agreement between the governments of the states of Berlin and Brandenburg on their cooperation and the establishment of a joint coordination council from 1996. The number of joint authorities, courts, offices, facilities and institutions as well as state treaties has grown steadily since then. An example of a joint institution is the Joint Berlin-Brandenburg State Planning Department as part of the Berlin Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing and the Brandenburg Ministry for Infrastructure and State Planning.

Karte Hauptstadtregion Berlin-Brandenburg


The overall strategic framework formulates goals for the development of the capital region in this decade, creates a uniform framework for ongoing projects, launches new projects and strengthens interdepartmental links between the projects. The overall strategic framework is intended to further intensify the close cooperation between Berlin and Brandenburg at the various levels of politics and administration as well as between business and associations. With these interconnections, the challenges of the digital transformation, the need for skilled workers, the shortage of land and the growth of the entire capital region can be mastered.
The overall strategic framework is decided upon in the regular joint cabinet meetings and steered by a steering committee at state secretary level – under the leadership of the chancelleries.


Overall strategic framework for the states of Berlin and Brandenburg – Fields of action for the capital region:

  1. Settlement development and housing
  2. Mobility
  3. Economy, skilled workers, energy and climate protection
  4. Civic engagement, media and promotion of democracy
  5. Natural resources and quality of life
  6. Digital transformation
  7. Science, research, culture and education
  8. Openness to the world, international networking and cooperation with Poland

Each field of action is underpinned by concrete joint projects.


  • Population: 6,215,340 (2021)
  • Area: 30,545.5 sqkm
  • Population density: 203.48 p.e./ (2021)
  • GDP: 241.61 billion euros (2021)
  • Employed persons: 3,221,700 (2021
  • GDP per person employed: 74,994.57 euros (2021)
  • Unemployment rate: 8.2 % (2021)
  • Students: 254,418 (WS 2021/2022)


Joint Planning Berlin-Brandenburg
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