The European Metropolitan Region of Central Germany is organised as an innovative private-public partnership model in which representatives of public regional authorities and private companies work closely together on an equal footing. The European Metropolitan Region of Central Germany (EMMD) is a registered association based in Halle (Saale) and currently has around 80 members. The association uses the Metropolregion Mitteldeutschland Management GmbH, of which it is the sole shareholder, to fulfil its operational tasks. This company also runs the EMMD office in Leipzig.


In the European Metropolitan Region of Central Germany, structure-determining companies, cities and districts, chambers and associations as well as universities and research institutions from Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia are committed to the goal of sustainable development and marketing of the economic, scientific and cultural region of Central Germany. The goals of the EMMD include strengthening the competitiveness of regional companies, promoting education, science and research, and improving public services through attractive offers in the areas of energy, mobility, housing and culture.


The European Metropolitan Region of Central Germany is currently working on the following flagship projects:


  • Area: 55,000 sq km
  • Population: 8.3 million (2021)
  • Population density: 151 p.e./ (2021)
  • GDP: 267 billion (2021)
  • Employed persons: 4.06 million (2021)
  • GDP/employed person: 65,821 EUR (2021)
  • Unemployment rate: 6.1 per cent (2021)
  • Students at universities: 287,317


Metropolregion Mitteldeutschland Management GmbH
Schillerstraße 5
04109 Leipzig
+49 (0)3 41 / 6 00 16 0

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