Karte Metropolregion Rhein-Ruhr

With approximately 14 million inhabitants, the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region is the most densely populated region in Germany and one of the most densely populated areas in Europe.

Thanks to its geographical location and historical interconnectedness, the metropolis on the Rhine and Ruhr has always been a settlement and economic area and defines itself on the one hand as a traditional industrial location with numerous large corporations, and on the other hand as a highly innovative science location and today is a breeding ground for many start-ups.

The networked and well-developed mobility infrastructure is the backbone of the region and reflects the high degree of regional integration.

In addition to the vibrant cities, the region impresses with numerous natural areas that guarantee a high quality of life and make the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region one of the greenest metropolitan regions.

This quality on the Rhine and Ruhr is already perceived by many people and companies who value the location on the one hand because of its excellent international connections, very good university landscape, but also because of its cosmopolitanism and diversity.

The Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region is represented in the IKM by the two institutions Regionalverband Ruhr and Metropolregion Rheinland e.V..

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