Since 2009, the cooperation has taken place within the framework of the Metropolregion GmbH. The shareholders are the four cities that give the region its name, the state of Lower Saxony and three associations in which municipalities and municipal associations, companies and business-related organisations as well as universities and scientific institutions are linked. The company is controlled by an 18-member supervisory board. The mayors of the cities of Hannover and Braunschweig alternate in the chairmanship.


The Metropolregion GmbH contributes to the further development and long-term safeguarding of economic competitiveness in the national and international context. The activities and projects are intended to achieve an upgrading of the entire area and its diverse sub-areas. In doing so, the work of the Metropolregion GmbH is intended to facilitate integration into national and European development strategies. Supporting regional economic cycles and strengthening regional awareness are among the challenges that the Metropolregion GmbH faces.


The Metropolregion GmbH is regarded as a developer, sponsor and partner of innovative projects at the regional, national and international level. The fields of action mobility, health economy as well as location marketing have been defined as central areas of responsibility of the Metropolregion GmbH. The work focuses on the aspects of internationalisation and knowledge networking.


  • Area: 19,000 sq km (2020)
  • Population: 4 million (2020)
  • Population density: 216 p.e./ (2020)
  • GDP: € 247,220 million (2020)
  • GDP / employed person: € 76,274 (2020)
  • Unemployment rate: 5.4 % (2020)
  • Students at universities: 155,451 (2020)


Metropolregion Hannover Braunschweig Göttingen Wolfsburg GmbH
Herrenstr. 6
30159 Hannover
+49 511 898586-0

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