“The development of the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region should be based on and strengthen decentralised spatial and organisational structures” (State Development Plan 2002). In terms of population and economic power, the Stuttgart Region forms the core of the European Metropolitan Region of Stuttgart. This is another reason why the Verband Region Stuttgart with its directly elected regional assembly plays a special role in shaping and cooperating within the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region.

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“Because of its outstanding functions on an international scale and its special significance for the social, economic, societal and cultural development of the state, the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region is to be further developed and strengthened in its performance and competitiveness. Networking within the state is to be promoted through efficient transport and communication infrastructures” (Landesentwicklungsplan 2002). The increase in competitiveness is driven forward by diverse projects, for example in the areas of regional development, biotechnology, tourism marketing or in sport and culture.


  • Area: 15,361 sq km (2021)
  • Population: 5,465,093 (2021)
  • Population density: 356 p.e./ (2021)
  • GDP : € 258.237 million (2020)
  • Employed persons : 3.092,600 million (2020)
  • GDP / employed persons: 83.502 € (2020)
  • Unemployment rate: 4,1 % (2020)
  • Students at universities: 150,481 (2020/21


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